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“100% of Stocks and Bonds trading on Wall Street today could be tokenized, and in five years, 100% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized” 
Robert Greifeld (Former Chairman & CEO of Nasdaq) – Nov 2017

Tokenized Assets Singapore The St. Regis Hotel
29 Tanglin Road

Preparing for the tokenized future of assets and securities
This conference provides comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and the creation of a security token. Tokenizing assets means lowering costs for issuers, but also improving transparency, efficiency and liquidity of real-world assets. The tokenization of real assets democratizes access to new investment opportunities and allows for fractional liquidation and ease of exchange with other investors.





Program June 25, 2019

Please find below the Tokenized Assets Singapore speakers and the topics they’ll cover. More speakers will be added soon and a detailed time-based program will be available by April

Opening of Conference


Nils Veenstra
Director at BECON

Panel Discussion: An Investor’s Perspective


Malcom Tan
CEO at Gravitas Financial
Malcolm is an established Singaporean lawyer with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT and financial services industries. Today, Malcolm is Chairman of Gravitas Financial as well as CEO of CrowdBank. He previously held legal counsel positions across the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and North American regions and has done regulatory reviews and consulted with multiple governments. In 2018, Malcolm published the book “How to ICO / ITO within the Legal and Regulatory Framework in Singapore”.

Keynote: Regulation and Governance


Daniel Liebau
Founder at Lightbulb Capital
Dan is the founder of Lightbulb Capital and has a passion for Innovation, Finance and Technology. Before starting Lightbulb Capital Dan was COO and on the board of HSBC Securities (Singapore) – the entity to provide access to the Singapore Stock Market (SGX) for the Global Equities Business within HSBC. 
Dan was previously also the IT Head of HSBC’s Investment Bank in Singapore and Japan.

Keynote: The Role of Stablecoins


Edan Yago
CEO at CementDAO
United Kingdom
Edan is the founder of CementDAO, a decentralized Stablecoin ratings and exchange platform. In addition, Edan is a Member of the Board at DATA, not-for-profit organization with primary bases in Washington DC and London, tasked with leading regulatory, best practices and consumer protection initiatives for companies in the emerging field of digital assets. Since November 2013 DATA has been working on a bilateral basis with influencers and regulators in the digital asset space to outline opportunities, to better understanding, and to unite the industry around sensible outcomes for development of digital asset technologies.

Panel: The Challenges of Developing a Stablecoin


Marco Diaz
CEO at Merxcoin
In 2011 Marco discovered bitcoin. Since then he has mined Bitcoins and later enter into “day trade” OTC market of crypto. At the moment, Marco is the CEO of Merxcoin Capital Holdings, headquartered in London with activities in Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. A central role is reserved for an index-pegged stablecoin backed with on-chain collateral.


Elizabeth White
CEO at The White Company
Elizabeth believes in a world driven by trust, and usesblockchain technology to connect the world of global payments and financial transactions, allowing consumers and businesses to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime, in seconds with no fees.


Mohammed Abdel
CEO at CannDollar
After working in the financial sector in Kuwait and Switzerland, Mohammed co-founded CannDollar in Canada two years ago. Mohammed will share his experiences puttingphysical silver in a digital wallet, and joining the benefits of blockchain technology with a precious metal.

Closing Keynote: The Role of Blockchain in the Future of Finance


Antony Lewis
Director of Research at R3
Antony is responsible for crafting R3’s strategy for getting cash on ledger and central bank digital currencies, and explaining the implications of this fundamental step towards unlocking the promises and power of blockchain technology for business. He is also the author of “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains”, an essential guide for anyone who needs to learn about cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and business blockchains.