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Tokenized Assets Roundtable
Each Roundtable is a gathering of invited interested people, often with similar interprets or job titles. Providing the right format to explain the tokenizing of assets to a select number of invites.
In a joint partnership with local offices of CMS Law and selected industry partners these interactive discussions are established with the objective to educate investment professionals to successfully implement tokenization as part of their business, project, investment or fund strategy. 
The invited speakers will offering attendees the latest comprehensive insights on the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and on ways to create, issue, store, trade and invest in real-world assets. Tokenizing assets means lowering costs for issuers, but also improving transparency, efficiency and liquidity of real-world assets.
CMS Romania office
Bucharest, S-PARK

11-15 Tipografilor Str.,
B3-B4, 4th Floor

This event provides comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and the creation of a security token. Tokenizing assets means lowering costs for issuers, but also improving transparency, efficiency and liquidity of real-world assets



Cristina Reichmann
Partner at CMS Bucharest
Cristina is Partner at CMS Bucharest and Head of the FIS, Structured Finance and Capital Markets practice in Romania. Cristina will address Romanian-law aspects and co-moderate the discussions.



Ryan Hanley
Managing Director at TokenMarket
United Kingdom
Since 2016, the TokenMarket platform has raised over $315 million for more than 30 blockchain start-ups. Ryan is going to start our day with a quick overview of the changes in the token landscape as he’s been seeing them evolve over the last 12 – 18 months.



Nils Veenstra
CEO at New Alchemy

Over the last three years, New Alchemy has managed tokenization projects with more than 60 clients world-wide, and has secured billions of dollars in transactions, and having worked with clients that include Bittrex and Deloitte. Together, their teams have advised clients and portfolio companies—ranging from startups to government regulators—on strategy and technology in blockchain-related innovation.



Daniel Coheur
CCO at Tokeny

Daniel is co-founder and CCO of Tokeny. In this role he can lever the experience of his corporate background, which centered around global growth of transactional based enterprises. In banking (Clearstream Banking owned by Deutsche Boerse), and telecommunication (Syniverse owned by The Carlyle Group). He is a genuine entrepreneur who mentored and funded several start-ups before creating his own investment boutique.  Daniel is also an adviser for StartUp42, a non-profit startup accelerator part of the EPITA, the Paris based Graduate School of Computer Engineering. 



Florian Glatz
Co-Founder at Fundament
Florian Glatz is a lawyer, software developer, and entrepreneur in the blockchain space. Since 2014, he has provided his thoughts on the regulatory issues associated with blockchain technology in its early stages. Florian has co-founded the German Blockchain Association, for which he serves as the President, the “Blockchain Embassy” co-working and meetup space in Berlin, as well as the Legal Tech Center which organizes hackathons and conferences in Berlin and Zürich. With a background in research, his most recent attribution is co-authoring the book “Legal Tech” as well as co-publishing the legal tech magazine “Rethinking Law”.

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